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        The chairman of Guangdong Life Strong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
        Ou Xiantao
        Message from the Chairman
        In Soup Song there is a "Four Gentleman Soup." The effect of "Four Gentlemen Soup" is the "loyalty". From this, to be the gentleman relies in the "loyalty." From my first business has been to Life Strong Pharmaceutical, I always adhere to and explore the significance of doing business? In other words, I torture myself: What is the point of the enterprise? Where does the business come from? Where to "go"?

        Pursuit of the enterprise "come" and "go" is in the pursuit of the origin of enterprises, identify the idea of doing business. Over the years, I have been insisting on a conviction that doing business is how to treat others. The kind of vision, mind and quality of people determines the taste of a business and the development of enterprise. The first point to treat others is integrity. Loyalty is the faith, good faith is the soul; credit is the grid, the grid is moral. No sincerity no faith, no credit no grid. To be a gentleman shall act like "Soup Song" in the "Four Gentlemen Soup" as to others, " being loyalty and creditable.

        For everyone, Life Strong is not just a brand. More importance is her quality which is a connotation, is her internal operation of a healthy order, we are all of her trust, rely and expectations, is a symbol of health protection and a kind of " To Be Honesty and Trustworthy, To Pursuit Harmony and Improvement" business and "God only reward the kind-hearted people".
        Today, I have committed to the career of health more than a dozen years, realizing a reason, whatever doing business, or being a gentleman is inseparable from the heart and the sense of responsibility to customers, employee and everyone. In Life Strong, this sense of responsibility has always existed, and continue to flourish. With the development and expansion of enterprises, we have a loftier mission: intentions guardian of human health!
        • Guangdong Province Venture Capital AssociationSenior Vice Chairman
        • South China Neeq Investment & Financing ClubVice President
        • Guangdong Province TEO Chew Business AssociationVice President
        • Guangdong Pharmaceutical Profession AssociationVice President
        • Guangdong Shantou Association of Industry and Commerce (General Chamber of Commerce)Vice President
        • American Teo Chew Business AssociationHonorary Chairman
        • Global Chaoreninnovation Economicpromotion AssociationCo-Chairman
        • Thailand Lianhua Pharmaceutical Labor UnionHonorary President
        • Guangdong Shantou Private Enterprise Chamber Of CommerceHonorary President
        • Guangdong Shantou Pharmaceutical Chamber Of CommerceHonorary Permanent President
        • Shantou Biological Medicine Industry Technology InnovationVice President
        • Chaoshan Alumini Of Management School Of Zhongshan UniversityPresident
        • International Teochew Doctor AssociationMember
        • Shantou University Mba Education CenterCorporate Mentor
        • Sun Yat-Sen University Entrepreneur Alumni AssociationVice President
        • Sun Yat-Sen University Management College Alumni AssociationVice President
        • Sun Yat-Sen University Shantou Alumni AssociationVice President
        • Shantou Longhu Association Of Industry And Commerce (General Chamber Of Commerce)Vice President
        • Guangzhou Sun Yat-Sen University Lingnan Entrepreneurship AssociationMember
        • Guangdong Shantou Public Welfare FoundationHonorary President
        • Guangdong Shantou Charity FederationHonorary Vice President
        • Shantou Society For Promotion Of The Guangcai ProgramVice President


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